AdventureQuest Character

Baul Plart


Born on 1/23/2013
Became a Guardian on 1/24/2013
Last Played on 12/21/2016


Blade of Awe!!!
Horo-Show Void Vanquisher
The Flaring Liquefactor
Slashing Sacragon Barb
Fruminous Vorpal Edge
Undead Axe of the Stars
Asgardian Hammer of Lightning
Mystic Rx for Destruction


Mighty UltraGuardian Plate
Horo-Show Void Vigilante
Overlord's Dynasty
Morningstar Bloodline
Lightning Chevalier
Advanced Frogzard Knight Armour


UltraGuardian Shield
Horo-Show Void Vindicator
Overlord's Legend
Wind Shield
Cheese Shield
Chieftain's IronThorn
Daylight Savings Time
Asgardian Lightning's Eye


Wondrous Recovery
Blue Blazes
Green Envy
Abominable Assault
Lost Deck of OverSoul Cards
Galvawk's Bond
Guardian's Embrace the Shadows


Guardian FireWere
Elder Dragon Knight's Familiar
Overlord's Reincarnation
Hideous Eye Spy
Muffintop Von Lightningham III
Dangerously Adorable Cabbit

Misc Items

Horo-Show Void Visor
Sword Master Emblem
Pendant of The`Galin
Crystal of Restless Shadows
ExaSnide Transformation Formula
Morningstar Emblem

House Paintings

House Guards


Titan of the Arena
Duelist of the Arena
Master Duelist of the Arena
Champion of the Arena
Grand Champion of the Arena